Am I the only person scared of water?

At our swimming school, we regularly get enquiries about our private adult swim classes. This is a typical statement that we hear from adults who are looking for private 1-1 adult swim lessons:
“I'm 41, male, based in London. I’m afraid of water, I guess I've been since a bad experience as a child (all I remember is my dad throwing me into deep water expecting I would just learn how to swim).
I can’t put my face in the water and I can’t get my feet off/ back on the ground even. I would like to overcome my fear and learn how to swim, at least well enough to finally enjoy my time at the seaside or in the pool when on holiday.”
Is this something you can relate to?
Don’t worry, you are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are one of many adults that cannot swim.
Now that you have made the decision to learn to swim, your next question is “should i have group classes or private 1-1 lessons?”
Don't let fear stop you from learning to swim
Group classes or private lessons advantages?
Group lessons have their advantages:
  • They will be less expensive than private lessons.
  • Group classes can work well when conducted by a good and experienced swimming teacher and the class is evenly matched ability wise. (The instructor needs to divide his or her attention between the entire class)
Private Lessons advantages:
  • A private instructor can give you their full attention.
  • Together you can work on specific issues you are facing, for example getting the face in the water or lifting your feet off the pool floor.
  • You will make rapid improvements and progress, which gives you confidence when looking forward to your next visit to the pool.
  • You have time to take the lesson at your own pace. You are not forced onto different skill’s or drill’s prematurely.