This video is a how to swim front crawl for beginners.

In this video, a professional coach from 'Adult Swim Lesson' breaks down drills that most beginners would be able to do to learn the front crawl swimming technique.

Of course practise makes perfect, so we recommend trying out some of the drills next time you go to a pool, but revisit this video as required to refresh you memory of the skills to practice next.


Breaststroke swimming - breathing and kicking drill to improve your swimming

This swim video is to show how to use a simple swim drill in breaststroke to improve the timing and processes of the breathe and leg kick sequence. It also allows you to focus attention on a nice strong leg kick.
When returning the full arm stroke to the leg kick.. it will feel much easier, but make sure you glide after each leg kick (arms stretched out together in front of your face, until you need the breathe) then start the arm stroke as your glide slows and as you need to breath in again.


Swimming turn for Breaststroke Swimming - slowed down

The Approach: Kick & Glide into the wall with both hands

The Turn: Pull feet in to the wall, turn head and hands

The Push Off: Push and glide off the wall with both feet