Where are private adult swimming lessons near me ?

When people ask where can I find swimming lessons near me? i used to say, "the local leisure centre or health club" but every month there seems to be less swimming tuition provision (as people find other careers) or less swimming pools still in operation due to spiralling pool costs. So where to find local swimming lessons or lessons near you?
The simple answer is that online is your best bet.. but it can depend on where you are located.
Obviously swim lessons provision varies depending on you locality, but if you are in a city like London, there are actually various swimming pool providers and swimming lesson providers who are excellent and have great experience.
adult swim lesson London
We have been teaching for over 20 years and have excellent customer  satisfaction. We are based in London bridge, Tower bridge, Bermondsey & Tower hill area. 
If you was to live in those areas and type in to Google "swimming lessons near me?" you would probably find us at the top of the search results,  however it is always worth clicking through to the 2nd page to see if there are other pools or lesson providers that are close by. They may have slipped through the online results & may be worth comparing.
 If you are based at canary wharf, Royal docks, Liverpool street, Elephant and castle or Waterloo for example: we are still within travelling distance, but it still may be worth searching Google to see other 'swimming lessons near me' options in your local area.
 f you're based in SE London South East London or West End we are very close to you, so travelling to your swimming lesson will take less time and likely be more convenient.
If unsure about travel distance for your swimming lessons, you could always try a single lesson to see how the travel works for you.. or if the quality of swimming lessons is worth the distance.