Why GP’s recommend swimming for health benefits

 There are many reasons! See a few below.
• Swimming can improve your social well being
• Children who learn to swim become active adults
• Swimming can burn more calories than jogging
• Swimming can alleviate stress
• Helps maintain or improve flexibility
• Swimming can Increase strength and improve mobility
• Swimming is low body impact (less stress on joints)
The list could go on and on.
gp doctor recommends swimming
Other than the health benefits that a GP knows can come from the exercise of swimming, by being able to swim, your world will automatically feel much bigger due to the many more activities you can experience.
For instance, If you are already water confident you will to be able to take part in the activities or careers below:
• scuba dive on holiday
• snorkelling in the sea
• kayak & surfing
You may want a career move and being able to swim could
• Lifeguard
• Cabin crew for an airline
• Navy
• Oil rig workers
• Cruise ship workers
• Aquatic performer
• Diving instructor
• Swim Teacher
So if you can swim you will potentially benefit from all of the above. If you can’t swim, it’s a great reason to find an excellent swim school near you and make your world bigger.
Learning to swim can be taught in groups or private 1-1 lessons. Remember, Doctors Orders!